Canvas & Canvas Mounting

Your portraits can be preserved with by having them mounted on Canvas. Two different Canvas Mounting options are available. Your portraits can also be mounted after they've been bonded and are described below

Canvas Bonding
We have a 7oz. and a 10oz. canvas material available for bonding silver halide photographic prints to. (This is very different from our Fine Art Canvas that we print directly onto for products like Gallery Wraps.) The 10oz. canvas has a deep canvas weave while the 7oz. is a much tighter, more consistent weave. Our Professional Photo Lab uses a huge 8.5 ton machine to produce extremely high pressure, which in turn gives the prints a beautiful, even canvas texture, generated through the print by the canvas itself.

Canvas on Matboard
Applying a canvas print to double weight matboard is a common way to give stability to this finished product.

Canvas on Masonite
Masonite boards are heavier than standard double weight matboard and are a perfect choice for canvas prints that require extra support.

Canvas Stretcher Frame
This wonderful portrait comes ready for traditional custom framing and is particularly favored for being a lightweight method of providing stability to large prints.

*Photos on this page for illustrative purposes only & not photographed by Sandy Toes Studio