Electronic Copies of Portraits

If you would prefer to obtain electronic versions of your Portraits, they are available on CD / DVD (depending on the number of Portraits purchased).

The files included with your CD / DVD include a release for reproduction of your Portraits.

The two options available include RAW Files and JPEG Files.

This RAW Files are supplied in RAW (NEF) format and are untouched from when they were produced. There has been no manipulation of the portraits. You would assume responsibility for any adjustments that would need to be made to your Portraits. These files not compressed and can be quite large.

The JPEG Files have already been converted from the RAW (NEF) format and are prepared for use by most consumer photo software. Our studio will perform the initial processing on these files. Please note that these files are processed on our calibrated Studio Monitor & may appear different on other computer monitors. Some further adjustments may be necessary for optimal viewing / printing. These files have been compressed (normal process when converting from RAW to JPEG) and some degradation may occur).

Please contact us if you would like further information on Electronic Copies of your Portraits.