Photo Mounting

Your portraits can be preserved with several different types of mountings. These mountings provide stability and make framing easier. Currently, we offer the following surface finishing products to add final touches and textures to your memories.

Single Weight Matboard
Single and double weight matboard is probably the most commonly requested mounting service. It is a cost effective way to give stability to your finished prints.

Double Weight Matboard

Gold Beveled Mounts
Beveled mounts are a matboard material enhanced by a beveled gold or silver edge and meet competition thickness requirements. Gold is commonly used with color prints while silver is popluar for black and white prints.

Silver Beveled Mounts

3/16" Foam Board
Foam boards are rigid, lightweight mounting boards that have a smooth surface with a foam core. The 3/4" Foam Board is available in black or white.

3/4" Foam Board

1/8" Masonite
Masonite boards are heavier than standard double weight matboard and are a perfect choice for prints that require extra support.

*Photos on this page for illustrative purposes only & not photographed by Sandy Toes Studio