Photo Proof Products

If your preference is to have printed proofs of your photo session, in addition to viewing your portraits in your on-line gallery, then our Photo Proof Products are available for reviewing your portraits with "something to hold."

We currently offer three different styles of Photo Proof Products. In addition, when you order proofs of your photo session, you also have the option of obtaining additions to our Photo Proof Products.

All Photo Proof Products are printed on our standard Professional Print Photo Paper. If you desire, your Photo Proof Product can be printed on our Metallic or True Black & White Photo Papers. Portraits provided in all of our Photo Proof Products can be coated with our Lustre Coating and / or Pebble or Finelinen surface textures.

Individual Proofs
We offer proofs in the traditional paper format, ranging from 3.5x5 to 5x7 in size.

Proof Composites
If you prefer to have multiple proofs printed on each page, then our 8.5x11 Proof Composite will meet your needs. Each page can accommodate up to 4 portraits. You can also select to have a combination of 1, 2, 3, or 4 portraits printed on each page of your Proof Composite.

Spiral Binding
We offer spiral binding as an option when placing your Individual or Composite Proof order. We include a black poly cover on the back and a "fogged" poly cover on the front. This is a nice economical way to present individual proofs in a book format.

8x10 or 10x13 Proof Portfolios
Proof Portfolios are a popular proofing option for digital images. Choose from an 8x10 or 10x13 portfolio with 4, 6, 8, 9, or 12 portraits printed per page. You can select the background behind your portraits to be either black or white. In addition, black or white boarders can be added to each image, as well as headers, footers, and / or page numbers. One image can be placed on the cover of the portfolio, along with text.

Proof Portfolio Covers
Covers are available for Proof Portfolios as an add-on to your Portfolio. We offer black leather slip covers for our 8x10 and 10x13 Proof Portfolios. We also offer a black eurohyde 10x13 binder with clear insert sheets which gives you a nice front/back proof presentation.

*Photos on this page for illustrative purposes only & not photographed by Sandy Toes Studio